Remember the old Yellow Pages?

Back in the day if you were in business you HAD to be in there.

TODAY your Google Business Listing (GBL) is even MORE important!

What is Google My Business?

Google Business Listing (GBL) is a free tool that allows you to manage your business’s listings in Google Search and Maps. Used correctly, your business will appear in the search results more easily.

Properly setting up and optimizing your GMB account can make a significant impact on the performance of your business listing.

But make sure it’s done correctly!

Why not work with one of the top web developers? 
We keep it simple!

What Can a Proper Google Business Listing do for you?

  • Show up first when people say "Find a _____ Near Me"
  • Increase calls and text messages coming from potential clients.
  • This works whether they click on your website or not.
  • Allow people to see your products and services immediately.
  • Google rewards you for gettingt this done correctly. Hire a pro!

You want to come up in top 3 organic search listings on Google. Type in a keyword for your business and see what results you get! Then call us.

Think How Often This Happens

70% of all these searches are done on Google Maps

Make Sure You Show Up!

Can you do it yourself?

Yes, but you’ll spend 10-12 hours just learning how to do it (make sure you’re trained by a pro).

Then you’ll spend another 6-7 hours getting it done properly.

Then you’ll want to keep up the work on a weekly basis, so you get the leads you want.

PLUS, if you do it incorrectly Google will punish you. (We found that out the hard way!)
So, concentrate on the things you’re good at and leave this to a pro.

What are the benefits of GMB?

  • Increase store business
  • Increase phone calls
  • More 5-star ratings and positive reviews coming in
  • Appear ahead of your competition in the rankings
  • Have people get alerted to your offers, events, changes to hours and days that you are closed, including holidays.
  • Allow for questions and answers between you and potential clients.
  • Enhance local SEO efforts

Get Results!

You don’t even need a website!

Google Business is a one-click solution for clients to find you.

Everybody is now searching for a business using their mobile phone. So, show up for them using this method.

The image on the right shows the dramatic increase in traffic after we started his campaign in March. 

Why is This important?

If you don’t have your business set up properly on GBL you are leaving money on the table!

Our system uses the latest techniques recommended by Google to add information about your business to their platform. It’s time-consuming and technical. But we know how to get you dialed in.

Time Is Money

We have the training and experience to move you up in the search and map listings.

If you want more customers this is the most important marketing tool you have.

You won’t pay anything to Google for this service.

They want you to be found. Therefore, they have created this amazing platform for businesses to use. There are so many things that can be done to help your business. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

Wow! Are Google Business Listing Really That Important?

You need your business to show up on Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing and Yahoo.

When they speak into their phone “Find a _____ near me.” Your business will be set up properly to be found.

You want people to find you with their iPhones and their Android phones. You can’t miss out on this group of potential clients.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your business set up correctly with the most important search engines.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

We think this is the most important discovery we’ve made after 20 years of developing websites. This will help your business be found by clients looking for YOU!

It’s a fantastic return on investment and one your business should be working on.

What Are the Details?

$697 set-up perfectly tailored for your business. Includes 50 keywords with text, 6 product categories and every other tweak we've learned from Google to get it done just right.

$297 per month for 4 posts uniquely tailored for your business

No contract

All information stays on the platform even if you choose to leave.

You can’t lose! Go for it!

Key Statistics

93% of consumers used the internet to find a local business in the last year, with 34% searching every day

67% of consumers say they wouldn’t use a business if reviews said it didn’t have Covid-19 health and safety measures in place

Only 48% of consumers would consider using a business with fewer than 4 stars

87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2020 - up from 81% in 2019

73% of consumers only pay attention to reviews written in the last month

93% of those include Google My Business Listings (which show up over on the side of the page on your desktop or at the top on your mobile device)


We Also Do NextDoor!

NextDoor is also the most recent addition to the important platforms for your local business to succeed.

Here are 5 reasons you should be on NextDoor:

  • Claim or create a free public Business Page that local neighbors can see.
  • Post up to twice a month for free to communicate with local neighbors and customers.
  • Better understand your neighborhood reputation.
  • Keep your contact and business information up-to-date.
  • Communicate with neighbors who comment or message your business.
NextDoor Specialist

Blog Posting

help with blog posts

Do you need more leads, customers, and sales but don’t have the time or knowledge to make it all happen?

Putting constant effort into your website by adding new content is another KEY to getting to the top of the search engines.

A business is not taken seriously by the search engines if they are not continually adding new content for their audience.

We specialize also in BLOG POSTS. These are especially created for your business. This will help drive traffic to your site and a snippet of those blogs can be posted to your NextDoor, Google Business, Facebook and Instagram feeds.